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NOTE: Mr. Nyland wished to make his meetings available to anyone with a serious wish to understand them for their personal growth.  At the same time, he insisted that interested persons agree to use them only for their own study, and once studied, return them to the library.  Today things are different.  Many receive material via the internet and audios and text documents can be edited easy and sent to others, an application that didn’t exist in Mr. Nyland’s era.  Although we don’t know how Mr. Nyland would have handled materials in the digital age, in M1599 he gave some indication when, among other things, he stated that he didn’t want the 1500s to be printed inappropriately or quoted out of context.  He wrote:

I would like to have it distributed in such a way that, in the first place it becomes available for those who really I say are ‘entitled’ to it, and that it is located in certain Groups of the country where, I hope, gradually there will be developed a certain sincerity in regard to that what is contained in such little talks.  It requires, of course, the honesty of only using it when it is right.  It requires a responsibility for the maintenance in which it is; it definitely does not allow for any, particular kind of printed matter to be based on it, and it is very bad to quote out of it out of context.

With the above in mind, it is therefore assumed that, analogous to honoring the terms when checking out material from the lending library when Mr. Nyland was alive, you, the visitor to, agree to care for the material in this site responsibly, maintain it as it is, and for your use only.  In order to access the materials, please check the following box.