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Welcome to, a collection of audios, transcriptions, and supplemental material concerning talks on the ideas of George Ivánovich Gurdjieff given by Willem A. Nyland, a longtime pupil, and then teacher, of Gurdjieff’s methods and writings.  Mr. Nyland met Gurdjieff in 1924 in New York City, became an active member of the Orage group, and remained in contact with Gurdjieff until his death in 1949.  In the late 1950s Mr. Nyland began to record his meetings and create a library, a practice he continued until his death in 1975.  This resulted in over twenty-six hundred lectures and question-and-answer recordings about the ideas of Gurdjieff and their practical application, referred to as ‘Work’ on oneself.

In the 1960s, as his Group in New York grew larger and people around the country began to respond to his teaching and discuss it together, Mr. Nyland set up lending libraries in various locations so Group members could check out audio cassettes or transcriptions for further study.  This access was meant for two purposes.  First, so that people new to Mr. Nyland’s teaching would have a means to acquaint themselves by listening to introductory tapes, and second, so that those already familiar with the material could reconsider it with new insight gained through application, much like revisiting Gurdjieff’s All and Everything with understanding of a different order because of new experience.

Today people interested in Mr. Nyland’s teaching are spread all over the United States and some in other countries, many without access to a library and not able to easily find what they are looking for.  With that in mind, this website contains audio recordings, transcriptions and other material carefully selected to thoroughly represent what Mr. Nyland discussed in his meetings.  While the number of meetings is currently limited, in the future this site will contain many more.  Mr. Nyland covered many topics in each meeting, often a mix of why one should be interested in Gurdjieff and Work on oneself, how a Group should function and why people need to work together, various results as evidenced by growth of the physical, emotional and intellectual centers, and comments on All and Everything and other writings.  The result, therefore, is that the amount of information already available on this site is enormous and can be overwhelming.  To this end, all of these meetings are being indexed by subject and summarized so people can find topics of interest and select what they want.  A set titled Mr. Nyland’s Talks on Gurdjieff:  Subject Index & Summaries (6 vols) is in progress and will be published soon.

At present, a number of meetings have been uploaded and grouped together under AUDIOS & TRANSCRIPTIONS: [1] Fourteen Introductory meetings, thirty-one ABC’s of Work/Introductory meetings, and twenty-six Series meetings (e.g., Boston Series, Seminar Series) that acquaint users with the basic principles taught by Mr. Nyland; [2] One hundred meetings (M1500 thru M1599) from which excerpts have been compiled and recently published under the title The 1500 Series, Gurdjieff’s Ideas in Daily Life (Land Press, Occidental, 2023); [3] Seventy-three meetings from which excerpts were selected that explain fundamental exercises that assist Work on oneself, these recently published under the title Mr. Nyland’s Talks on Gurdjieff: The Draining, Sensing, “I Am,” Unrolling the Film, and Day of Austerity Exercises (Presidio Press, Tucson, 2024).

It should be noted that some of the meetings were poorly recorded and all have extraneous noise.  Accordingly, the audios in have been cleaned up, but only to the extent that the quality of Mr. Nyland’s voice is not compromised so as not to lessen the meaning conveyed by how he inflects words in sentences and feels about what he is saying.  Transcribing has been a Group-wide effort over many years with many people participating in the difficult task of taking a verbal communication and correctly translating it into a written form.  To avoid ambiguity and misrepresentation, each transcription on this site has been proofed and re-proofed many times to assure accuracy of the words and sentence structure, as well as consistency of style.  As an example, Mr. Nyland uses the word I in three different ways—ordinary (I am me/personality), Aware (‘I’ as an Objective faculty), and I Am (the “I” of Consciousness and One with higher)—and although it is left to the listener to distinguish between them in the audio, when reading they must be noted differently to avoid confusion.

As supplemental information, other material has been included in  [1] The standard (vertical) Three-Body Diagram, to which Mr. Nyland often refers.  For those seeking more understanding, the horizontal version described in meetings M1008 and M2308 is also included; [2] Annotated drawings that depict Freedom from Earth (M1537), The Four Directions of Life (M1522), Becoming an Individuality (six meetings), In Equilibrium Involution & Evolution (M1530), as well as Magnetic Center, ‘I’, God (M1595); [3] The unrevised 1950 edition of All and Everything, to which Mr. Nyland also often refers, as well as Mr. Nyland’s Firefly.  These are searchable documents.

For checkout from his libraries Mr. Nyland used an honor system, people are entrusted to care for the material as well as use it only for their own study.  It is therefore assumed that you agree to the same.  If so, please register for an account.

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